12pcs Butterfly A40+ 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

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  • PROFESSIONAL 3 STAR TABLE TENNIS BALLS: Approved by ITTF for top level tournament
  • GREAT BOUNCE: Manufactured under strict quality control, this ball achieves high uniformity, stable rotation, speed, balance and consistent bounce
  • PLASTIC BALL: The poly 3 star ping pong balls closely resembles the bounce of traditional celluloid ping pong balls
  • OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT BALL: The ITTF approved Butterfly A40+ table tennis ball is the official sponsored ball of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Halsted, Sweden
  • PACKAGING: 6 balls in each box (12pcs balls in 2 boxes).


Grade: 3 Star
Colour: White
Size: 40+
With seam: Yes