729 Friendship FOCUS III Rubber 2020

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729 Focus III is the first non-tacky sandwich rubber developed in China. Its snipe colloidal particle is produced by the new processing technique and mould technology.

The rubber give you more soft touch feeling and it can be used for long lasting, The strong friction and spin can be easily created also. The new sponge is upgraded by energy-storing technology combined with SENSOR sticking technology that can create super strong bounce by using VOC free glues.

The new rubber is upgraded in an all round way. Therefore, it has the characters of nice perfect feelings, intensive force and easy control. Compared with the overseas similar products, this rubber is more value for money and it is the first choice of backhand rubber for players whose style is the quick attacking loop.

Speed: 12
Spin: 11
Control: 11
Forward: 12

Fitted For: Quick attacking loop style players
Hardness: 42/44
Thickness: 2.1mm