DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial Rubber (Blue Sponge)

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A higher quality version of Hurricane 3. With this Provincial Blue Sponge version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified by a great margin. 

We strong recommond this rubber should tune with booster oil to get better performance, please click here for more information. 

Please click here watching the video: Rubber Tuning with Booster Oil

Q & A
1. What's the difference between Commercial, Provincial, and National?
Hurricane 3 Provincial offers a world of a difference in speed/control/spin/tackiness in comparison to Commercial. National offers higher quality at a lighter weight compared to Provincial.
2. What's the difference between NEO and non-NEO?
NEO is DHS's solution to the speed glue ban in 2008. NEO rubber is factory tuned. Non-NEO requires booster oil for the initial tuning of the rubber.
3. What's the difference between Orange Sponge and Blue Sponge ?
Orange sponge feels softer (same degree), and more controllable than blue sponge. Blue sponge is harder (same degree), it requires more power, but once you can use correct level of power, it can general more spin and speed. Blue sponge is more aggressive, throw angle is lower, ball drops more quickly, when it hits at the other side of table.
Color: Black Only
Hardness: 39°/40°/41°
Thickness: 2.15mm/2.2mm