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If you are looking for the new-era definition of control, the AERONAUT 9000 comes to the rescue. The slim racket design coupled with a state of the art air-stream channel design which makes the racket obey your every command and will give you absolute control of racket strokes and movement. The aeronaut technology offers minimum air resistance and maximum satisfaction to players and allows them to play their natural game. This racket is tuned for tournament players.

This is a COMBAT Series racket featuring an attacking profile and higher balance point which in turn allows for maximum power generation. This series is a perfect match for players who swear by their aggressive gameplay and want absolute power domination.

Frame Material: Carbon Fibre
Player Level: Professional
Weight (grams): 88
Balance Point (mm): 298
Balance: Even Balance
Shaft Flexibility: Flexible
Racket Grip Size: S1
Maximum Racket Tension: ≤ 32 lbs (pounds)