Li-Ning TECTONIC 9 NORMAL EDITION Badminton Racket (4U/5G) - Australia Wide Free Shipping

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Enhance Speed & Power
The Li-Ning Tectonic is the newest series (Superior Repulsion) designed with latest technologies that enhance both speed and power.

This time Li-Ning has worked together with Toray company from Japan which specialized in carbon fibre materials that is commonly seen in racquets.

New High-strength & High-Elastic Graphite designed by Toray
This is the new graphite material put into the Tectonic head frame at 5 and 7o’clock position. The racquet's frame bends when a player swings it at high speed. This new technology provides better strength and stability on the head frame allowing a faster rebound, when the frame rebounds quicker the power is greater (quicker snapback).

Designed For Heavy Attacking Players
The 2021 Tectonic 9 has a stiff feel on the shaft and a head heavy balance frame (for attacking players). This racquet is highly recommended for the offensive player who is at least an intermediate level player.



Material: Carbon Fibre
Weight: 4U
Grip size: G5
Grip: Polyurethane + Non Woven
Racquet Length: 675mm
Grip Length: 205mm
Balance Point: 305mm
Variation: Boost
Tension: ≤32LBS