729 Friendship 804 Anti-Spin Pips-in Rubber

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729 804 is anti-Spin Pips-in rubber developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industrial Institute, China, it is suitable for the defensive player.

  • Incoming spin has little effect
  • Sinking ball
  • Precision placements
  • Great for defensive players
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

Type: Anti-Spin
Thickness: 2.0

Review from player:

I love this rubber, lots of fun, even if you don't end up using it as a regular weapon. It's a blast to play with. Good combinations: try any 729 or PF4 on your FH and go 804 BH. You will need to close your racket face slightly to return topspin, as this rubber does generate some spin. 804 can hit the ball pretty hard, but placement is the key, sloppy chopping will cause minimal spin and the ball will sit up and get killed. Try to keep your chops low. I don't recommend FH/BH 804, as anti is too easy to read. As a combination bat with 804 is great.