AGMC JG-16C Table Tennis Table with Net & Post Set

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  • 16mm high density tabletop with UV painting surface

  • Ideal table for beginer and entertainment purpose
  • The reverse surface of the tabletop is evenly sprayed with high-grade anti-seepage varnish to prevent moisture in the air from infiltrating, which may affect the elasticity of tabletop
  • 20mm x 30mm steel support apron 
  • 30mm square steel legs and inside legs with 50mm ball bearings wheels and brakes
  • When the table is not level due to the floor, the screws of the table legs can be adjusted
  • It can be folded with locking device for less storage space
  • Installation can be easily done by 2 persons within 20 minutes and the detailed instruction is provided
  • Table tennis net & post is included

Table size: 2.74m(L) x 1.525m(W) x 0.76m(H)

Packaging Information:

Size: 165cm x 155cm x 20cm
Weight: 75 kg


AGMC table tennis table installation and maintenance hints :

  1. Turn the tabletop over, put the foam cushion under the table surface for protection, do not let the table surface touch any hard object
  2. It must be lifted by two or more people carefully, please do not let the table corner or table edge landing first and do not let the surface clash on the hard object to avoid the table surface scratching and damage
  3. Install the screws and nuts in place, please don't tighten them until all of them in place
  4. After installation, the brake of wheel should be tightened first, then the table should be hold up and the yellow safety locker should be locked
  5. Before opening the table, the brake of wheel must be tightened then unlock the yellow safety locker for opening the table
  6. Before closing the table, the brake of wheel must be tightened then bend the yellow (or black) safety diagonal brace on both sides of the table
  7. Please don't sit on the table or put the heavy objects on it
  8. Before using the table, please check whether the yellow (black) diagonal brace at the bottom of the table is straightened and whether the wheels is locked
  9. When the table surface is uneven due to uneven ground, the lifting screws of the table legs can be adjusted. The standard height of the table is 76 cm
  10. Adults and children should not crawl under the table
  11. This is indoor table, please don't use for outdoor, otherwise the table will be easily damaged.
  12. Please don't put wet wipes and other items with water or chemical solvents on the table to avoid damage of the table
  13. Please don't beat the table with rackets or hard objects