DHS 50 Years Anniversary Edition 08 Blade - ST

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DHS 50 year anniversary edition 08 blade:

Secretive craftsmanship, legendary Chinese table tennis blade.
The legendary 08 blade is for most of the Chinese table tennis players to win the world championships
DHS use the original mould from over 20 years ago with the special traditional wood and lipid adhesive
The 08 blade is sold with limited quantity.

  • The 08 blade adopts special craftsmanship and material to offer overwhelming strike with especially fast ball speed, creating unpredictable ball trajectory which is not easy for opponent to notice and more difficult to defend
  • The player can use the high elasticity and weight for leveraging to make up for the weakness of playing strength.
  • Flared and short handles are available.

Normal packing:

  • Quantity: 10 pieces/carton (other blades can be packed together)
  • Carton size: 39*30*16.5cm
  • Net weight: 6kg
  • Gross weight: 8kg