DHS 506X ALC FL Table Tennis Blade

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DHS 506X Aryl-Cabon table tennis blade, FL handle

  • Solution for 40+ era, Thicker pith
  • 5+2 AC
  • It adopts 7 ply Aryl-Carbon foberboard and the new number of 506 series on 40+ era.
  • Keep the stable of control on the middle-far table.
  • Aryl-Carbon layer under the surface
  • Strengthen the speed and explosive.
  • Suitable for quick attack plus loop

Handle: FL
Weight: 89 ± 3 grams
Thickness: 5.8 ± 0.1 mm
Thicker pith +0.5mm
Plies: 5 W + 2 Aryl-Carbon
Class: OFF++
Fitted play: quick attack plus loop