DHS P104 Table Tennis Net and Post Set

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  • Suitable for massive competitions
  • Easy fastening with the spring device
  • High clamp strength more than 35N
  • The height adjustment not only eases the operation but also assures the high precision
  • The production of net is controlled by computer to ensure the net strong and elastic
  • The post is for use and can firmly fix to the table to keep the net tensive

Applicable for competitions and professional training.

  • 72" cotton mesh net
  • Heavy duty metal posts
  • Tension adjustment
  • Height adjustment



  • Net length: about 1730mm±10mm
  • Post height: about 152.5mm±2mm
  • Post length: about 152.5mm±2mm
  • Clamp strength: Mroe than 35N
  • Net fixing: Inside
  • Post fixing: Spring