Joola Spartan Blade

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The fastest and most powerful blade of the Tezzo series, the JOOLA Tezzo Spartan Table Tennis Blade is a force to be reckoned with. With a 5+2 ply composition consisting of a solid Kiri core and KL-c outer layers, this blade offers crisp and direct contact and is shielded by Limba top layers to maintain optimal touch. 

5+2 Ply KL-c Outer

5+2 ply blade of Limba – KL-c – Ayous – Kiri – Ayous – KL-c – Limba

Best known for its use in bulletproof body armor, lightweight KL-c is able to soften hard blows. It is this characteristic that when woven with CARBON, helps to create a medium-hard stroke with shocking levels of control. Outer Layer design emphasizes the characteristics of the KL-c composite material by utilizing it directly beneath the blade’s outer veneers. The resulting enlarged sweet spot provides a more direct touch, a flatter ball trajectory and a higher speed value.

A soft and durable wood, the LIMBA outer veneers perfectly complement the KL-c to provide the ultimate touch for your spin needs.